QUOtets I

QUO held its first chamber concert on May 23, 2010 — affectionately called QUOtets. Since then, our QUOtets series has been one of our most popular offerings among members and audience alike.

Included on the program:

  • Handel: Passacaglia for violin and viola
  • Boucard, Suite Champetre for flute and horn
  • Bach: Suite #1 for unaccompanied cello
  • Canaro: Corazon de Oro for violin, viola, bass, accordion, and piano
  • Tolou: Duo for two flutes
  • Genin: Carnival of Venice for flute
  • Hovanes: Fantasy No. 2 for two trumpet, 2 horns, and 2 trombones
  • Lindholm: Four Winds for flute solo
  • Bedford: The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscal Cutlet for violin, viola, bass, and piano
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