Lisa LoFaso

LisaLoFasoLisa plays second violin. She joined QUO in September 2013 and has served on our board.

How did you come to join QUO?
QUO Board Member and first violinist Liann W. and I played in our college orchestra and jazz band together at Manhattan College. She was my stand partner for years and we played as alums together as well. I stopped playing there and was looking for a new orchestra, and she messaged me saying QUO needed violins. The rest was history! It’s a great group of people and I enjoy participating as an LGBT ally. This is my second season and about to be my 6th concert with QUO.

What musical symbol best defines you and why?
Probably a 16th note. I feel like I’m always moving pretty quickly from one thing to the next.

How long have you been playing violin?
I’ve been playing violin since 4th grade, so about 20 years now. There are very few things I can say I’ve been doing as long. I remember in music class they had older students bring instruments in and we got to pick our top three choices. Mine were violin, viola and cello. I was just completely smitten with strings. My mom was like, “are you sure you don’t want to play the flute or something?” But I was sure. When they saw how much I loved it, my parents got me my own violin (which I still play now.) I continued through HS and then went to a college that didn’t have an orchestra. Since I wasn’t continuing with basketball I really wanted to keep playing violin, so I joined the jazz band and soon after founded the college’s orchestra, which is still going strong.

Question from Alex: If you could live a day in the life of a world renowned musician, alive or no longer with us, who would it be and why?
I’d say Janis Joplin. To be one of the greatest rock stars ever, an amazing and versatile musician and songwriter and a pretty kickass woman, would be awesome. I would totally live her life for a day.