Ligia Mie Sakurai

Ligia Mie SakuraiLigia plays piano and violin in QUO, and joined us in September of 2015.

How did you come to join QUO?
I heard of QUO through friends, some of them already playing with LGBAC and QUO. Being part of an orchestra sounded new and challenging because my experience as a pianist was either as a soloist or as part of a smaller chamber ensemble. I feel very excited and honoured to be playing with such great musicians.

How long have you been playing your instrument(s)?
I was maybe 6 when I started on the piano. My older sister was already taking lessons. Growing up I cannot remember a time when music wasn’t present. As a teenager, while my friends had Bon Jovi/U2 posters in their rooms, I had Seiji Ozawa and Martha Argerich, LOL. I played for over 15 years, all the way through dental school, then took a long break when I came to NYC. I started violin in 2013, around the same time I reconnected with the piano. I chose the violin because I wanted to be more versatile and explore different repertoire. Also to not be on the spotlight all the time. If you have an “oops” moment at the piano, there’s no one else to blame!

What musical symbol best describes you and why?
I would say rubato. I need things on my own pace. I am very sensitive and this flexibility of time and emotional freedom is important for me.

What is your favorite place to take friends visiting NYC?
I like the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, especially during the cherry blossom season. It is so beautiful and peaceful to just walk around in contact with nature.

Question from QUO Member Brian Shaw: What has been your favorite musical experience to date?
Playing with QUO for the first time was pretty awesome! (We did Villa Lobos Uirapuru) Actually something funny happened a while ago: I played a recital and closed the night with Liszt’s La Campanella. Although it’s a short piece (4:30-5min) I’d devoted so much time and effort preparing for that night that after the last chords I got a little teary…but nobody clapped…I got up to take a bow in silence. An eerie few seconds that felt like minutes. I was so confused, I didn’t realize people were tearing up too, in a standing ovation. I’ll never forget those few seconds of utter distress followed by fulfillment, lol. It’s so thrilling when you can touch people with music!