George Nicholson & Seyed Safavynia

How did you come to join QUO?
George – After moving to the city four years ago for school, I was missing an outlet to play music with a group. A colleague at school told me about the group, but it took until this year for my schedule to free up on rehearsal nights. I was hooked after the first rehearsal, due in large part to the awesome bass section and the bad-ass conductor.
Seyed- George actually introduced me to the orchestra. I generally play chamber music, but he really enjoyed the orchestra and encouraged me to join. After watching a couple of concerts and seeing what a family the orchestra is, I couldn’t help but join in.
How long have you been playing your instrument(s)?
George – I began playing the bass in middle school, by way of saxophone and bassoon. My music teachers allowed me to explore any musical interests I had, but it was this particular instrument that I felt most connected to.
Seyed – I have been playing the violin since I was 3 years old. My grandfather used to play the violin, and my mother very much wanted me to play as well. I still remember starting Suzuki and getting my wooden blocks as a makeshift violin, and I still have my first 10th size violin!
What musical symbol/term best describes your partner?
Seyed – A whole rest! George is very patient and easy going. And although he is so relaxed, he is always watching and waiting for his moment to step in.
George –  7/8 time signature: Seyed has organizational structure that is a little sophisticated, slightly quirky, but is a constant support throughout.
What is your perfect NYC date night?
Seyed – Any place in the city with a patio, light food, and a glass of wine. All makes for great people watching and conversation. I could gladly do that all day.
George – Ditto! That sounds perfect. I wish I were doing that right now!
What piece always reminds you of your partner?
Seyed – Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3.   George always loved that piece as a child, and I never took to it before I met him. I now have a new appreciation for that piece and cannot hear that piece in any other context.
George – Seyed’s own work has a voice that is uniquely him, so any of his pieces are the best answer to this question. I’m excited QUO will be playing ‘Discovery’ next season!
What celebrity would you want to march in Pride with?
George – Michelle Obama
Seyed – Why Oprah, of course!