Christina Rose Rahn

Christina Rose RahnHow did you come to join QUO?
I came to join QUO after meeting a friend of mine at work (fellow second violinist Laura Flanagan). We got to talking one day about our hobbies and interests: pizza, Broadway, and playing the violin. I mentioned to her that I missed playing in an orchestra, and she introduced me to QUO. I joined a few weeks later!

What is your favorite place to take friends visiting NYC?
I like to plan a whole day with friends. Here is a typical ‘autumn/winter’ day I’d take you to! Breakfast at Alice’s Tea Cup (you MUST try the pumpkin scone, it is to DIE for), then some shopping at Bryant Park (they have all of these kiosks up for the Holiday Season – and lots of free samples), and afterwards do some ice skating at the park. Of course we’d have to go by the BIG Rockefeller Center Christmas tree (being lit on December 2nd this year), and then we’d probably need an adult beverage, so I’d go to Bourbon Street Bar & Grille (amazing New Orleans themed food, and a happy hour that lasts till 8:00pm, plus a rooftop area). Night time we would see a Broadway show that I got for a super discount (I know all the tricks to cheap Broadway tickets- ask me if you want to know them as well!).

What musical symbol best defines you and why?
Probably a tremolo – I’m pretty high energy and don’t tend to stop moving!

How long have you been playing violin?
I’ve been playing the violin on and off since I was 8. When I was in high school I had too many extra-curricular activities so I had to choose between orchestra and show choir, and unfortunately I choose to give up the violin. However, right after college I was given the opportunity to audition for a production of “The Buddy Holly Story” – in which they needed a female violinist. I dusted off my violin, bought new strings and a bow, took out music from years past, and some how booked the job. I realized that playing the violin was a great asset to my professional musical theatre career, so I bought myself a new violin, started taking lessons, and joined QUO!! I’ll never give up the violin again 🙂

Question from David: After playing violin for so long, is it easy to learn a fretted instrument, such as a guitar?
I actually play the violin, guitar, upright bass, and mandolin – and I learned them in that order. It was definitely an adjustment going from the violin to the guitar – but not as difficult as just starting from scratch with a fretted instrument. Being that I already knew how to read sheet music and that I understood intervals was a definite advantage. I’d be petrified to try a brass or woodwind instrument at this point, but I feel comfortable with moving from string to string instrument.